Mechanical Engineering Recommendation Letter Writing Guide 2023

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    Attention, aspiring mechanical engineers! Do you want to see yourself among the students studying at the world’s top mechanical engineering colleges and universities? In this blog, we will talk to you about the craft of making a compelling Mechanical Engineering Recommendation Letter that will give you admission to your dream institute for mechanical engineering programs. To help you tread that journey successfully, we have covered a wide range of topics such as: 

    • The definition of LOR for mechanical engineering
    • LOR samples for mechanical engineering
    • Tips to follow and mistakes to avoid. 

    What Is Mechanical Engineering Recommendation Letter and Why Is It Important?

    A mechanical engineering recommendation letter or LOR is a letter describing why you are the right candidate for a chosen mechanical engineering program. It is typically written by a professor, HOD, employer, or supervisor who personally knows you and can talk authentically about your suitability to take up mechanical engineering as a higher study program.  

    Mechanical engineering LOR is considered an important document by institutes for the following reasons. 

    • A professional recommendation letter for mechanical engineer is strong evidence and attestation to a candidate’s skills and strengths. 
    • With the help of mechanical engineering LOR, institutes can identify how good a candidate is and how he/she stands out from peers. 
    • A carefully written LOR gives examples of an applicant’s participation in extra-curricular activities. Thus, institutes can learn how a certain candidate can contribute. 
    • A customized Mechanical Engineering Recommendation Letter  acts as a strong introduction to the candidate and helps institutes in preparing questions for the final face-to-face interview. 

    Five Must-Address Questions in Letter of Recommendation for Mechanical Engineering Students

    Why do you think you can recommend this candidate to mechanical engineering?

    Ideally, you should be someone who knows the candidate personally and speaks authentically about his skills, strengths, experiences etc. in mechanical engineering. So, at the start of LOR, mention in what capacity you know the candidate and for how long.

    How does the candidate deal with setbacks and challenges?

    Since mechanical engineering is a field where things can go wrong at times, a candidate pursuing this needs to be capable of handling such unforeseen situations effectively. Give your thoughts on the candidate’s abilities to deal with such situations with examples.

    How has the candidate demonstrated technical skills?

    Provide examples of cases where you observed the candidate applying his technical skills to solve a problem. You can also point out any extracurricular activities related to mechanical engineering in which the candidate participated and demonstrated any such skills. 

    How do you think the candidate can contribute to the mechanical engineering institute?

    Convince the admission panel that the student is not just a brilliant student but also one who can step into action whenever needed, for instance, by organizing events, influencing the public etc. Reputed colleges and universities are keen to admit candidates with proven social skills, leadership qualities and communication skills. Because they value candidates who can represent their institutes. 

    What is your overall evaluation of the candidate's motivation and potential in the domain of mechanical engineering?

    Conclude your LOR by assessing your candidate’s abilities, potential, and suitability to take up this higher study program in mechanical engineering and later succeed in a career as a mechanical engineer.

    Things That Admissions Officers Appreciate in Your LOR for Mechanical Engineering

    Here are a few things or qualities that can leave your admission officers impressed when reading your LOR for mechanical engineering. 

    • Simple and straightforward writing: Admission officers appreciate an LOR that is written using simple and straightforward language and writing tone. 
    • Specific examples and experiences: They would like to see examples of your skills and strengths rather than mere statements with void claims. 
    • Sound formatting and logical structuring: The formatting and structuring of your LOR determines how strongly it influences a reader. Use sound formatting and structuring. 
    • Inclusion of relevant information: The admission panel doesn’t care about your personal interests. They value info that makes sense in the context of mechanical engineering. 
    • Comprehensiveness of info: Besides academic brilliance, selection officers like to assess your personality traits, character, social commitment, practical application skills, etc.

    Determining the Ideal Length of Recommendation Letter for Mechanical Engineering Student

    Word Limit

    400 - 500 words

    Character count:

    Around 2000 to 2500

    Paragraph count

    3 to 6


    1” at the top, bottom and both sides

    Font size and style

    12 Points and Times New Roman


    Left indent the line of each paragraph

    Line spacing

    1.5 or Double Line

    Sample Mechanical Engineering Recommendation Letter

     Go through the following LOR samples to help get used to the writing tone, structure, formatting and other key areas. 

    How Should I Use LOR Samples for Mechanical Engineering?

    Using LOR samples is a debated topic because some think that it can influence your writing. So, here are some guidelines to keep in mind. 

    • Never attempt to copy from a sample letter of recommendation for MS in mechanical engineering. 
    • Do not be content with reading just one sample. Read multiple LOR samples for mechanical engineering to enhance your perspectives. 
    • Focus on learning how to start, transition from paragraph to paragraph and conclude the reference letter. 
    • Do not blindly read the LOR samples you find online. Use only samples from sources that you trust. 

    Breaking It Down: A Six-Step Strategy for Making a Stellar Mechanical Engineer LOR

    Step One

    Start the Mechanical Engineering LOR by writing a proper salutation of the recipient at the top. Ask the candidate for the details. 

    Step Two

    Write an introduction describing how well you know the candidate and showing the depth of your support for the candidate’s choice of mechanical engineering. 

    Step three

    Develop the body paragraphs. In the first paragraph, talk about the candidate’s academic excellence with examples. Cover personality traits, extracurricular involvements etc. in the next. 

    Step Four

    Conclude the letter giving an overall evaluation of the candidate’s suitability to take up mechanical engineering as a higher study choice and career. 

    Step Five

    At the end of the letter, show your readiness to be contacted for clarifications. Include your contact details (email address and phone number

    Step Six

    Proofread the letter word by word. Ensure that there are no grammar mistakes or spelling errors. Validate for formatting and structuring. Follow the submission guidelines and submit the letter on time.

    Who Should Author Letter of Recommendation for Masters in Mechanical Engineering?

    Choose the following individuals to draft your mechanical engineering recommendation letter. 

    Professor/HOD/Principal: The professor, HOD or principal of the previous college where you studied are immediate people who can recommend you to the next higher education program. 

    Employer/supervisor/mentor: If you have worked somewhere for more than six months in a field related to mechanical engineering, the employer or supervisor or mentor would know your potential. So, they could write you an LOR for MS in mechanical engineering. 

    Colleagues/friends/family members: Choose your colleagues, friends or family members to write your recommendation for mechanical engineering if you require more than two LORs and the institute allows LORs from these individuals. 

    Ensure LOR Authenticity: Key Criteria for Validation

    • The LOR has been written by a credible person who has both authority and expertise to recommend me to a higher study program in mechanical engineering. 
    • The LOR is relevant to my domain of study and has sufficiently been provided with examples that verify my skills and strengths in the domain.
    • The LOR consists of details regarding my projects, assignments, and my involvement in various extra-curricular activities related/relevant to mechanical engineering. 
    • The LOR has been properly formatted as per the guidelines of my intended college. It has a logical structure and natural flow. 
    • The referee has clearly provided his/her contact details and willingness to be approached in case of any follow-up regarding my candidacy for the mechanical engineering course. 

    Tips to Use and Mistakes to Avoid While Composing LOR for Mechanical Engineering


    • Make a list of at least five referees to write your letter; in case one declines to write. 
    • Meet the referee in person to request the LOR rather than phoning or emailing. 
    • Choose a referee who knows you personally for more than six months. 
    • Go for a referee who shares a rapport with you and is happy to recommend you. 
    • Make sure you request the referee for LOR at least one month before the due submission date. 


    • Avoid writing info that distracts from the core purpose of the mechanical engineering LOR. 
    • Do not write a fake LOR for MS in mechanical engineering. It can disqualify you if found out. 
    • Do not exaggerate the skills or capabilities of your candidate in the LOR. Selectors can easily identify it. 
    • Never use boilerplate or LOR samples for your writing. Tailor your letter for success.
    • Avoid biases, judgemental views or discriminatory language in your LOR for ME students. 


    In conclusion, remember that your mechanical engineering recommendation letter has got significant power to make your application stronger or weaker. 

    The tips and tricks shared here would help you make the right decision and draft a successful LOR. 

    Feel free to share your views, feedback or suggestions regarding this blog in the comments below.