Terms and condition

Please make sure that you understand the following terms and conditions before associating with Infig Content Hub. The terms and conditions furnished below are meant to avoid any disputes in the future and to establish a working framework for a smooth engagement with the clients. By continuing to use our services, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Infig Content Hub agrees to:

The client agrees to:

Intention of the website

Infig Content Hub is a comprehensive online platform where clients can come over and order high quality content writing services for a range of business, academic and professional purposes. Infig Content Hub can claim 100% uniqueness, 0% plagiarism and perfection in the projects it delivers.

Revision of terms and conditions

Infig Content Hub reserves the right to make changes in its provisions of the terms and conditions. It has no obligation whatsoever to provide any prior notice to the clients regarding the same. Any changes in the terms and conditions will be updated in the website’s terms and conditions page immediately after they are implemented. It will be the sole responsibility of the clients to review the terms and conditions on the website and conform to the same before placing the order.

Procedure of ordering contents

We strive to make customers’ association with us both easy and less complicated. To make things easier on both ends, we have set up a customer support desk through which all correspondences between the client and Infig Content Hub take place. The customer support desk will collect your order details and hand them over to the administrator who will assign the task to the right content writer in the team. The customer will receive free samples as well as estimated price for the order from the customer support team soon after the first contact.

Content rewriting

Infig Content Hub processes content rewriting orders. We rewrite and standardize existing articles that you send us as per the format, word count, writing tone and style set by you. We emphasize that orders you submit are in total compliance with the rights of any third parties involved. We do not entertain orders that contain degrading or obscene content besides content that violates copyright, trademarks, or moral obligations. Violations with regard to the aforementioned would result in the violations of our terms and conditions and lead to the order termination.

Copyright of the content

The copyright of content is passed to the clients upon its delivery, which happens after the full payment is done. Clients can edit, modify or reuse it as they wish. However, the copyright of the free samples shared with the clients for reference purposes shall solely rest on Infig Content Hub. 

Direct correspondence with the writer

We will not share personal contact details of the writer with customers. All communications between the customers and Infig Content Hub prior to ordering, while the order is being processed and post order deliver will take place through the customer support desk.