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With our professional press release writing service, you can generate a powerful resonance for your brand among the target audience. Our services are:

Value for money
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Why Choose Us for Press Release Writing Services?

At Infig Content Hub, we have highly experienced press release writers who can compose your stories in a way that resonates with your target audience, media outlets, bloggers and editors. When they choose a press release writing service, clients often look for value for money and a result-driven approach. At Infig, we guarantee that. Here are some of the qualities that make us the number-one choice for press release writing.


We don’t just write about your brand or the product or service you offer. We make stories that resonate with your audience so that it gets imprinted in their mind.

On-time delivery

We give the first priority to delivering the project to you on time. We understand how important timing is in releasing press releases to your audience.


Our services are reasonably priced. Considering the impact you can make through our PR writing services, you will find 100% value for money.


We are a press release writing company with more than a decade of experience in PR, marketing and advertising. Our expertise will help you make streamlined press release content.

Diverse portfolio

We do press release content writing for a variety of clients from diverse industries such as law, startup, technology, real estate, insurance, finance, hospitality and more.

Benefits of Hiring a Press Release Writer from A Professional Provider

Is it really worth buying a professional press release writing service? In our over ten years of service, we have seen that clients make significant improvements in getting noticed by their target audience when they started using our best press release writing services. If you are confused about whether to invest in press release services, here are some good reasons to.

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    We Write Suitable Press Releases for All Occasions

    Our expertise in writing effective press releases has no limit. From product launches to general news, our proficiency encompasses all contexts. Here is a brief list of press release types we are capable of curating.

    Our Unique Press Release Writing Style


    You contact us and briefly tell us about your press release requirements. After assessing, we give you the estimated press release writing cost and share the payment.


    You proceed by making the full payment for the service. Our press release writer researches your industry, target audience and newsworthiness of the topic and makes the first draft.


    You carefully review the first draft and let us know if you need any changes. We finalize your press release copy incorporating those changes.


    We send your final press release for editorial review, validation and cross-checking. You receive the final press release copy on or before the promised time.

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      Frequently Asked Question

      Press release writing services are professional services designed to help entrepreneurs and organizations in making engaging press releases. Professional press release writers know the suitable format, writing style and keywords that engage the target audience.

      The price of the press release can vary depending on the length, type of press release, the business type, the range of customization you wish to incorporate etc. We can give you the estimated price after assessing your requirements.

      Yes. If you want to take a look at our previously done press release samples, you can request it while discussing your project with us in the initial contact. You need to order the service only if you are satisfied with the quality of the content.

      You can issue a press release on a number of occasions. This includes:

      • When you have an important announcement to make
      • When you add any change to your product or service 
      • When you want to generate more media coverage 
      • When you want people on social media to discuss your brand 
      • When there is a special event at your company or organization
      • When your company receives an award or gets a new license 
      • When there is a change in the management 
      • When you acquire a new brand or when you enter into a partnership with another company. 
      • When you are expanding your business 
      • When you are bringing a new product or service into the market