How to Write a Compelling Psychiatry Letter of Recommendation – With Writing Guide 2023

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    Are you looking to write a captivating psychiatry letter of recommendation? One that will grab the attention of admission officers and help your candidate stand out from the rest? Well, look no further! Through our comprehensive guide, we’ll help you to craft a compelling letter that not only highlights the strengths of your applicant but sets them apart as an exceptional candidate. Plus, we’ve included a writing guide with tips and tricks for creating an unforgettable letter in 2023. So let’s get started on landing your candidate their dream residency program!

    What is a Psychiatry Letter of Recommendation? Why is it Important?

    A recommendation letter for psychiatry residency is a letter that is mainly written by a recommender who could be a professor or employer who can attest to an applicant’s ability to succeed in a psychiatric residency program. The letter is important as it highlights the applicant’s strengths and characteristics, explaining why the recommender believes the applicant would be an asset to the program.

    Question You Should Answer Before Writing a Psychiatry Letter of Recommendation

    Here are some important questions you should consider before writing a psychiatry letter of recommendation:

    What is your relationship to the applicant?

    In the Introduction, describe your relationship with the applicant and how long you have known him/her to write the recommendation letter

    Is there anything that makes the applicant stand out? Why do you think they will succeed in a psychiatry residency program?

    Explain in brief the applicant’s qualifications and accomplishments and what makes the applicant worthy of pursuing a psychiatry residency program.

    What specific examples can you provide to support your claims about the applicant's abilities?

    Provide some detailed instances showing the applicant’s abilities in order to pursue a psychiatry residency program.

    Are there any challenges the applicant overcame during his study or work experience?

    Explain any challenges the applicant has gone through and how they overcome these challenges during his/her studies.

    What do Admission Officers Look for in LORs?

    Admission officers are looking for letters of recommendation that provide detailed, specific information about an applicant’s clinical skills and abilities. Applicants should provide LORs that attest to their clinical experience and skills, as well as their personal qualities such as motivation and compassion. The admissions committee will also value letters that speak to an applicant’s potential to be a successful psychiatrist.

    How Long should your LOR be?

    Word Limit

    150 - 350 words

    Font Size

    11 - 13 is recommended

    Font color


    Font Family

    Use standard fonts like Calibri, Ariel, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc.

    Psychiatric Letter of Recommendation Sample

    To whom it may concern,


    I am delighted to recommend the candidacy of Ms. Janaki Sinha for the psychiatry residency at -XYZ- University, ____________ (place). During her five and half  years of undergraduate study in MBBS at ABC University, ____________ (place), I had the privilege of serving her as the Professor of the Psychiatry Department. As I recall, she was very dedicated and enthusiastic in the class to learning and sharing her creative ideas that were out of the box and I can attest to her intelligence and capability as a psychiatry student.


    Not only was Ms. Janaki academically successful, she quickly made a good impression on her professors and peers alike. She had an energetic spirit which allowed her to get involved in several leadership roles while still focusing on her studies and securing excellent grades. She has made great strides towards achieving proficiency in the field of psychiatry by taking part in several conferences and workshops related to psychiatry both locally and internationally like ________, ______________ and ______________ as well as thoroughly researching resources recommended by faculty members and practitioners.


    She also has a deep understanding of different psychiatric disorders along with various therapeutic approaches because she volunteered to work as an intern in our university during her third year undergraduate studies which definitely gave her some additional exposure towards understanding this field more closely. What surprised me most about her is her prowess in dealing with complex mental health issues and researching new topics related to psychiatry. Her tenacity as a student led to numerous awards like ____________ and ______________ before graduating from university with ____________ honors which demonstrated her knowledge of the subject matter and commitment to excellence. 


    Based on my observation of Ms. Janaki Sinha’s academic success over the last five and half years combined with my knowledge of her personality traits, I wholeheartedly recommend her candidacy without any reservations or hesitation at all for the psychiatry residency program offered by -XYZ- university , _________ (place).



    Dr. Sherin Varghese, MD

    Professor of Psychiatry

    Guidelines for using Samples

    Make sure you pay attention when you read a psychiatry letter of recommendation sample

    Here are some things to consider:

    Write your Psychiatry Letter of Recommendation in 6 Steps?

    Step 1

    Begin with a well-written introduction that summarizes the connection between the recommender and the applicant, acknowledging the individual for applying for the psychiatry residency program.

    Step 2

    Follow up your introduction with clear and concise evidence of the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and experience as a medical student or professional from the point of view of the recommender.

    Step 3

    Maintain a positive tone throughout the letter, demonstrating interest in and support for the applicant’s work.

    Step 4

    End by reiterating how strongly you believe that this individual is worthy of pursuing a psychiatry residency program.

    Step 5

    Proofread the letter of recommendation. This will help in catching any errors or typos and to make necessary changes.

    Step 6

    Include the letter of recommendation with the rest of the applicant’s application materials.

    Who Is Eligible to Write an LOR?

    Professors, Employers or mainly people who are associated with the applicant in academia or healthcare environment are eligible to write a Psychiatry Residency Letters of Recommendation.

    Final Checklist for LORs

    You can use this final checklist to make sure your letter of recommendation is as strong as possible:

    Do's and Don't in Your LOR


    • Discuss the applicant’s skills and experience in the field of psychiatry
    • Highlight specific projects or accomplishments that showcase the applicant’s abilities
    • Be honest and objective in your assessment of the applicant


    • Overly praise the candidate to the point of exaggeration
    • False information should be avoided
    • Try to avoid writing a recommendation letter from a family member or friend

    Tips for Writing

    When writing a psychiatry residency letter of recommendation, keep these points in mind:

    1. Describe the applicant’s strengths using specific examples.
    2. Identify the qualities that make the applicant a good fit for the psychiatry residency program they are applying to.
    3. Focus on the applicant’s intellectual ability and potential rather than their grades or test scores.
    4. Acknowledge the applicant’s enrollment in the residency program.


    To sum it up, writing a psychiatry residency letter of recommendation is not an easy task. But with the right steps and the help of these tips, you can create an impressive one that will surely be noticed by the admission committee. Take your time to think about what you want to say and make sure to double-check for mistakes before sending it. Showcase the applicant’s skills as best as you can and highlight any experience or achievements that could help prove how suitable they are for the program. With a great psychiatry residency recommendation letter in hand, there’s no doubt that you’ll receive positive feedback!