How to Write an Impressive Recommendation Letter for Doctor – With Writing Guide 2023

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    Are you feeling lost on how to write a recommendation letter for doctor that will impress the admissions committee or hiring managers? Look no further because we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of crafting an outstanding letter that showcases just how exceptional your candidate truly is. Whether it’s for medical school or employment purposes, our 2023 writing guide will equip you with all the techniques and insider tips to make your letter stand out from the rest. 


    So Let’s Get Started!

    What is a Recommendation Letter for Doctor? Why is it Important?

    A Recommendation Letter for Doctor is a document that provides an insight into an applicant’s character and abilities as a medical professional.  These types of recommendation letters are mainly used to support a job application or admission to a program or school

    Questions You Should Answer Before Writing a Recommendation Letter for Doctor

    There are a few key questions you should answer before beginning to write a doctor recommendation letter. The answers to these questions will give you a better sense of how to approach the letter and what points you should highlight

    What is the professional relationship between the recommender and the applicant who is applying for a doctoral program or employment as a medical professional?

    Establish the relationship between the recommender and the applicant and how long they have known each other for, in the Introduction section

    What are the applicant's qualifications and characteristics?

    Explain briefly about the applicant’s qualifications, personality traits and abilities as a medical professional

    Can you support your claims about the applicant's abilities through specific examples?

    Provide examples which shows the applicants abilities in order to make them worthy of their desired doctoral program or employment

    What makes the applicant qualified for a doctoral program or employment?

    Provide a brief description of the applicant’s qualities for this particular program or employment, as viewed by the recommender

    What do Admissions Officers Look for in a Doctor Recommendation Letter

    Admissions officers are always looking for letters of recommendation that will help bolster an applicant’s doctoral application. When crafting your recommendation letter, it is important to be professional and to highlight what you think makes the applicant unique as a medical professional or student. It is also important to strike a balance between providing objective information and highlighting your professional relationship with the applicant

    How Long Your Letter of Recommendation for Doctor Should Be?

    Word Limit

    200 - 400 words

    Font Size

    10 - 13 is recommended

    Font color


    Font Family

    Use standard fonts like Calibri, Ariel, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc.

    Recommendation Letter for Doctor Sample

    To whom it may concern,

    I am delighted to recommend the candidacy of Ms. Harriet Franklin for the doctoral program in Doctor of Philosophy in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at XYZ University, _____________ (place). During her four years of undergraduate study in BDS at ABC University, ___________ (place), I had the privilege of serving her as the Professor of the __________ Department. As I recall, she was very dedicated and enthusiastic in the class to learning and sharing her creative ideas that were out of the box and I can attest to her intelligence and capability as a medical student.

    Ms. Harriet has a proven track record of academic excellence during her tenure at ABC University,  _____________ (place). Her grades are exceptional and she continually pushes herself to excel in the field of medicine. During her four years of study at ABC, Harriet published several papers on _______________ with promising findings on _____________. In addition to her impressive academic performance, Ms. Franklin was active in several student organizations including president of the XXX clubs and successful internships with local medical hospitals. She was also an excellent volunteer with numerous programs as well as AAA initiatives in our own country of India. All these experiences have demonstrated that Harriet is capable, determined and willing to give back to society through her professional initiative. Harriet possesses sound theoretical understanding combined with strong practical experience in the field of medicine making her an ideal candidate for this program.

    To conclude, I believe that Ms. Harriet’s ambition and capabilities will be a valuable asset to your doctoral program at XYZ University. I strongly recommend Ms. Harriet Franklin from my own experience and observations for admission into your university’s doctoral program for further success on both professional and personal levels.


    Daisy Jones

    Designation of the Recommender

    Guidelines for Using Samples

    Make sure you pay attention when you read a doctor reference letter sample. Here are some things to consider:

    Write your Doctor Recommendation Letter in 6 Steps?

    Step 1

    Begin with a well-written introduction that summarizes the connection between the recommender and the applicant, acknowledging the individual for applying for their desired doctoral program or employment

    Step 2

    Follow up your introduction with clear and concise evidence of the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and experience as a medical student or professional from the point of view of the recommender

    Step 3

    Maintain a positive tone throughout the letter, demonstrating interest in and support for the applicant’s work

    Step 4

    End by reiterating how strongly you believe that this individual is deserving of the desired doctoral program or employment

    Step 5

    Proofread the letter of recommendation. This will help in catching any errors or typos and to make any necessary changes if available

    Step 6

    Include the letter of recommendation with the rest of the applicant’s application materials

    Who Is Eligible to Write a Doctor LOR?

    Professors, Employers or mainly people who are associated with the applicant in academia or workplace are eligible to write a Doctor Letter of Recommendation

    Final Checklist for a Doctor Recommendation Letter:

    Do’s and Don’t in Your Doctor Recommendation Letter


    • Be professional and sincere in the letter
    • Try to be positive. What makes them unique and worthy?
    • Refer to specific examples from the applicant’s achievements or experiences to illustrate your points


    • Avoid sounding pompous or arrogant
    • Try to avoid false information
    • Don’t forget to include the recommender’s contact information at the end so that the recipient can follow up, if needed

    Tips for Writing

    When writing a Doctor Recommendation Letter , keep these tips in mind:

    1. Describe the applicant’s strengths using specific examples
    2. Identify the qualities that make the applicant an ideal candidate for their desired program or employment
    3. Keep it positive and concise
    4. Conclude the LOR by giving a positive approval for the applicant’s enrollment for their desired program or employment


    After reading this blog post, I hope you have received a good foundation on which to start drafting your doctor recommendation letter. Follow the tips provided and use the writing guide as a reference when crafting your letter. This will give your applicant a stronger recommendation, which will increase their chances of acceptance into their desired doctoral program or employment. Good Luck!