How to Write a Compelling Letter of Recommendation for Co-Worker – With Writing Guide 2023

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    Anjit.V.S founder of Infig Content Hub is a writer and an academic documentation expert. Over the years, he has written documents for thousands of students and hundreds of businesses and individuals worldwide.

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    Are you struggling to write a letter of recommendation for co-worker? Feeling overwhelmed by the task, unsure of how to phrase your words or what information to include? Fear not! Our ultimate guide is here to help. Through this blog post, we’ll help you with tips and tricks that will make crafting an impressive recommendation letter a breeze. Whether it’s for a job application, academic purposes or anything in between, our writing guide for 2023 will give you everything you need to create a personalized and impactful endorsement that showcases your coworker’s strengths and abilities.

    So Let’s Dive In!

    What is a Letter of Recommendation for Co-Worker? Why is it Important?

    A recommendation letter for a coworker is a crucial document that can help them get hired, pursue their academics or other opportunities. It is imperative to be genuine in your letter and focus on your coworker’s unique qualities.

    Question You Should Answer Before Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Coworker

    Before writing a reference letter for a coworker, take some time to think about the questions you should answer:

    Why is this person worth recommending?

    Clearly state your recommendation’s purpose. This will ensure that the receiver understands why you are writing the letter and what it can do for the applicant. Honesty is key when giving a good recommendation, so make sure all aspects of the individual merit recognition.

    Why would this person be an excellent fit for the position or academic pursuit for which they are being recommended?

    Detail their strengths and accomplishments in relation to the position or task at hand. Demonstrate how these skills would be beneficial to the recipient’s workplace or academic goals and objectives.

    What are your reasons for believing that this person would benefit from receiving this recommendation?

    Explain the factors which make you believe that the individual would benefit from receiving this recommendation and vice-versa.

    What do Admissions Officers Look for in a Recommendation Letter for Coworker

    Admissions Officers look for letters of recommendation that describe a candidate’s qualities in depth. They are interested in knowing why you think the candidate would be a good fit for the specific position or academic program they are applying to.  A letter of recommendation should detail the applicant’s qualifications, skills, and achievements.

    How Long Should Your LOR be?

    Word Limit

    150 - 300 words

    Font Size

    10 - 13 is recommended

    Font color


    Font Family

    Use standard fonts like Calibri, Ariel, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc.

    Letter of Recommendation for Coworker Sample

    To whom it may concern,


    My name is George Paul, and I am employed by -XYZ- company as the -XYZ-. I am writing this letter to highly recommend my coworker Mr. Derrick Bateman for the -XYZ- position at the -XYZ- company, -XYZ-. I have been associated with him from the very moment we joined the firm as interns.  I have known him for a period of -XYZ- years and he strikes me as a conscientious and hardworking individual.


    Throughout our time together at the -XYZ- company, I have closely worked with him on various projects and seen firsthand the high level of professionalism and dedication he brings into all his projects. He is incredibly organized and detail-oriented, so he always meets deadlines on time and works efficiently until a project is complete. He constantly strives to provide superior results that go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Furthermore, his collaborative working style has earned him praise from both his peers and superiors alike.


    Derrick’s positive attitude is contagious in any team environment which makes cooperation between teammates much easier. Apart from his technical competencies, Derrick also possesses excellent communication skills and is highly collaborative when it comes to working with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. This allows him to get tasks accomplished more efficiently by seeking inputs from others while inspiring them as well due to his confidence. The combination of all these traits makes him an ideal candidate for the position of -XYZ- in your esteemed organization.


    In sum, I am absolutely certain that Mr. Derrick Bateman would be an invaluable asset to the -XYZ- company, as his recognized qualities make him an ideal candidate for this position. As such, I highly recommend him without hesitation or reservation for immediate consideration for the -XYZ- position at your firm.



    George Paul

    Designation of the Recommender

    Guidelines for Using Sample Reference Letter for Coworker

    Write your LOR for a Coworker in 6 steps

    letter of recommendation for coworker

    Step 1: Introduce Yourself

    At the top of your letter, introduce yourself and explain why you are writing. State specifically why your coworker would benefit from your letter of recommendation.

    Step 2: Share a Connection or Relationship with the coworker you're recommending

    It’s a necessity to provide enough information for the reader to understand the connection or relationship between you and the person you are recommending. For example, if you are recommending your coworker, state how long you guys have known each other and share how special it is to write this letter on their behalf.

    Step 3: Summarize What You Enjoy About Your Coworker

    List qualities that make your coworker special, such as outgoingness, sense of humor, or creativity. Be sure to mention anything that stands out about them. After all, these are traits that would be valued by any employer.

    Step 4: Structure the letter according to the guidelines

    You should structure the recommendation letter according to the guidelines provided for the purpose you’re writing the letter for.

    Step 5: Conclusion

    Summarize all the points made in the letter so far by supporting the applicant and giving them the recommender’s approval for the applicant’s academic program or desired position.

    Step 6

    Include the letter of recommendation with the rest of the applicant’s application materials.

    Who Is Eligible to Write LORs?

    A professional reference letter for a coworker is mainly written by coworkers. Anyone who has worked with the individual being recommended can write a compelling letter of recommendation. Writing a letter of recommendation for someone you know well may be more difficult than writing one for someone you don’t know well. 

    Final Checklist for LORs

    Do's and Don't in Your LOR for a Coworker


    – Be Personal and Honest

    – Be sure to mention any essential qualities that make your coworker a valuable asset in your life such as intelligence, wisdom, or common sense.


    -Try to avoid writing in an overly formal tone. Be friendly and informal where appropriate. Justify any formal language by referencing the importance of the recommendation letter in your coworker’s career or life.

    – Attack or criticize your coworker in any way. This could come across as unprofessional and insulting. Instead, offer support and constructive criticism where it is warranted.

    Tips for Writing

    Follow these simple tips:

    1. Briefly explain the applicant’s strengths through specific instances.
    2. Be personal and honest
    3. Don’t focus on an applicant’s grades or test scores in academia, but rather on their intellectual ability and potential in the workplace environment
    4. Be on point and keep it short.


    To conclude, with this guide by your side, you’ll be able to write a compelling letter for your coworker that will leave the person receiving it feeling grateful and impressed. We hope you find the Writing Guide 2023 useful as we continue improving our content year-round.