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There is no safe zone in business. Either you keep growing or be ready to face a steady decline over time. Through our professional business proposal services, we assist you expand your business by helping you strike deals with new partners, investors and stakeholders. Our services are: 

Benefits of Choosing Business Proposal
Writing Help from Infig?

At Infig Content Hub, we have experienced business proposal makers to help writing a business proposal that convinces investors and converts them into stakeholders of your business. We offer strategic content developement solutions that can help you stand out from your competitors and impress your associates. Here are some aspects that set our experts apart in drafting a business proposal. 

Deep domain knowledge

 Our business proposal consultants possess strong domain knowledge in business writing and all related areas like business calculations, graph and chart analysis and more. 

Over a decade’s experience

Infig has been a known name among proposal writing companies for over a decade. Our experience equips us with the best proposal writing practices, that can help you bid projects.

Convincing writing tone

To have any benefit from your proposal, it needs to convince the reader. Our writers cherry-pick each word in the proposal with the goal to impact the reader.

Expertise in research

Within a quick time frame, our writers will dive deep into your business, competitor analysis, and trends and come up with solid data to incorporate into the proposal writing.

Clear and concise business language

We use appropriate business language in your business proposal that aligns with your industry and organization goals  so that it is easy for recipients to understand. 

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What Can You Expect in Our Business Proposal Writing?

To provide you with a decisive business proposal is our mission. To achieve this, we incorporate the best professional proposal format that consists of the following elements: 

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    Discover Business Proposal Writing Services Without Borders

    Our streamlined business proposal writing services now have no borders. We offer seamless services anywhere in the world. Whether you are in the USA or the UK and searching ‘business proposal writer near me’ to locate an authorized writer near you, we are readily available to you.

    Our streamlined business proposal writing services now have no borders. We offer seamless services anywhere in the world. Whether you are in the USA or the UK and searching ‘business proposal writer near me’ to locate an authorized writer near you, we are readily available to you.

    Behind the Scenes: How We Write a Proposal for A Business


    Getting acquainted

    When you contact us, we collect maximum details from you regarding your business, business goals, and the purpose of your business proposal.



    We research your industry, investigate the investor or partner you are proposing the business deal to and other key aspects. 



    Our business proposal writing serivces experts draft a rough outline for your business proposal adhering to an approved format that is tailored to your specific industry. 


    Fleshing out

    We flesh out each section of the proposal, adding relevant info to the executive summary, project details, appendix and more.



    In the final stage, we meticulously go through each section of the proposal and ensure that it consists of compelling writing and a perfect design. 

    Our Industry Wise Coverage in Business Proposal Help

    For more than a hundred different industries, our team has honed their business proposal writing skills. Discover the key sectors we often serve.

    Healthcare and Medical Services

    Manufacturing and Industrial

    Education and Training

    Hospitality and Tourism

    Financial and Banking

    Consulting and Professional Services

    Real Estate and Property Management

    Nonprofit and Social Services

    Technology and Software Development

    Retail and E-commerce

    Experiences from Our Valued Clients

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      Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

      Our pricing varies for each project, depending on factors such as size, complexity, scope, research requirements, and more. For an accurate price quote on your business proposal writing, reach out to us today for a personalized assessment.

      When you collaborate with us for business proposal writing, we entrust your project to seasoned business proposal writers in our team. They draft tailored proposals for you after evaluating your business profile, market dynamics and other key aspects. 

      Business proposal writing services are specialized services designed to help companies develop tailored proposals for their unique business expansion needs. 

      Yes, you can hire a business proposal writer to write your proposal, so that it will stand out and will get approval easily. 

      A Business Proposal Writer crafts business proposals that effectively bid responses convey the strength and qualification of a company to its potential investors and clients.

      A business proposal may vary in length and form from industry to type of business. Normally, a business proposal can be written in 2 pages and can be written up to several hundred pages.