Refund and cancellation policy

The Infig Content Hub’s refund policy is straightforward and transparent. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and refund requests are taken seriously and addressed individually.

Carefully review the policy to determine eligibility for a full or partial refund when returning content.

When requesting a refund, it is imperative to clearly state the justification for the request and provide evidence to support the claim in the accompanying documentation. Please note that refund requests submitted after 2 days from the date of delivery of the completed project will not be accepted.


In accordance with our refund policy, we present our clients with two options for obtaining a refund.

1. Option one involves the return of the payment after deducting the GST, with the proviso that we may display the SOP or article (or any other form of content) on our website as a sample, but without the client’s personal details. The client is not permitted to use this content in any form of media.

2. Option two involves a refund of half the payment, with the agreement that we will not use the content.

Transparency of our refund policy

As you have noticed, our refund policy is transparent and simple. If the content you received does fall under any of the aforementioned categories, we are ready to process a full or partial refund. Please note that request to cancel order before the final copy is delivered does not come under this and thus a refund cannot be processed in that case. You can review our free samples and take enough time to decide before purchasing our services. Once the order has been placed, our experts will start to work on your project immediately. Hence, we cannot entertain your request to cancel the order.

How is refund processed?

The validity of your refund request will be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that it meets the established criteria. Upon verification of its validity, the refund process will be initiated promptly, and the money will be deposited back, minus the applicable processing fees.

Revision policy

Content is prepared on the basis of the information that clients provide at the time of placing the order. Any request for revision that does not match with the initial briefing (the information provided at the beginning) will be subject to additional charges.