MPH Recommendation Letter – With Writing Guide 2023

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    If you are applying for a Master’s in Public Health program, you may be asked to submit a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) as part of your application. An LOR is a document written by someone who knows you well and can provide an assessment of your character, abilities, and potential for success in a graduate program.

    A powerful LOR can sway an admissions committee since it gives objective evidence of your abilities and character. You should put in the effort to make sure it is well-written and appropriate for the programme to which you are applying.

    What is an MPH Recommendation Letter? Why is it Important?

    An MPH recommendation letter is a statement produced by someone familiar with the candidate who can attest to their professional and academic qualities for an MPH programme. This letter offers admissions officers extra information on the applicant’s credentials, achievements, and character attributes; as such, it is a crucial part of the application package.

    A Master of Public Health (MPH) Recommendation Letter’s significance may be broken down into the following bullet points:

    • An official document, a recommendation letter, provides admissions officers insight into an applicant’s character, work ethic, and skills.
    • A good letter of reference from a reliable source may bolster the trustworthiness of a candidate’s application.
    • The candidate’s ability to excel in the programme and the subject of public health might be highlighted in a well-written letter.
    • As a supplement to the candidate’s academic records and other application documents, letters of reference can give tangible examples of the candidate’s achievements.
    • Recommendation letters assist admissions officers in learning more about an applicant and making educated choices.
    • Highlights the candidate’s strengths and makes them stand out from other candidates with a well-written letter of reference.
    • An individual who has worked closely with the candidate in the past might offer valuable insight into their talents and abilities in a letter of recommendation.
    • The candidate’s dedication to public health can be bolstered by a strong recommendation letter from someone who has seen that dedication first-hand.

    Questions You Should Answer before Writing an MPH Recommendation Letter?

    Before beginning a letter of recommendation for MPH programme, understanding the following question is crucial.

    What Do Admissions Officers Looks in an MPH LOR?

    When it comes to evaluating an applicant’s suitability for a Master’s in Public Health program, admissions officers rely on a range of factors, including academic achievements, work experience, and extracurricular activities. However, LORs provide an insightful look into an applicant’s character, skills, and potential and are thus an integral part of the admissions process. Admissions officials often look for the following in MPH LORs:

    • Who is the recommender, and why are they recommending the application
    • The referee’s opinion on the applicant’s intelligence and potential in the classroom
    • The applicant’s qualifications in public health or a related subject, including their experience, abilities, and accomplishments
    • Specific instances where the applicant demonstrated leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication abilities
    • The candidate must show that they care about public health and social justice issues.


    LORs offer vital insights into an applicant’s qualities, potential, and fit in the programme. They reflect the recommender’s overall assessment of the applicant and their likelihood to thrive in the MPH programme and the public health sector. Therefore, selecting referees who can attest to these traits using concrete anecdotes is crucial.

    How Long Your MPH Recommendation Letter Should be?

    Crafting a well-written Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for a Master’s in Public Health program can be daunting. One of the most common questions that may arise is, “How long should a LOR be?” It is essential to balance providing adequate information and avoiding excessive length. So, how can you ensure that your LOR is the correct length and contains all the essential information? Here are some pointers to consider.

    • Letters of recommendation (LORs) should be at most two pages long, a maximum of 400 to 800 words.
    • Follow the program’s or institution’s established protocols and regulations.
    • Prioritise the content and power of your recommendation above the letter’s length since quality is far more essential than quantity in this situation.

    MPH Letter of Recommendation Samples

    To whomsoever it may Concern,

    I am honoured to recommend [Student Name] for the [Name of the University’s] Master of Public Health programme. I have enjoyed teaching [Student’s Name] at [organisation/ institution] in their [position of the recommender] for [period].

    [Student’s Name] constantly displayed a strong work ethic, outstanding analytical abilities, and an unrelenting dedication to enhancing public health during their time with our company. His capacity for critical thought and the application of study results to problems in public health is genuinely outstanding.

    [Student’s Name]’s leadership abilities and capacity for teamwork with co-workers and stakeholders powerfully struck me. He has successfully overseen various initiatives to enhance community health and consistently produced excellent outcomes.

    It is remarkable that [Student’s Name] has excellent communication skills and an innovative thinking process aligned with social work and awareness. His written work was consistently clear, succinct, and organised, and they effectively communicated their conclusions to various stakeholders.

    I do not doubt that [Student’s Name] will succeed in their studies and significantly contribute to the [University’s Name] Master of Public Health programme. I strongly recommend him for admission to the programme because he has the expertise, drive, and enthusiasm necessary to thrive in this sector.

    If you need any more details or if I can help, do not hesitate to contact me.


    [Recommender’s Name],


    Write Your LOR for MPH in 6 Steps

    Six steps to follow for writing an impression recommendation letter for Masters of Public Health:

    Step 1

    Consider the candidate’s qualities, achievements, and potential as you brainstorm and collect data. Learn about their background in education and work and their motivations for entering the MPH programme.

    Step 2

    Explain who you are and your relationship with the candidate.

    Step 3

    Give a complete account of the Applicant’s merits and achievements. It is essential to provide concrete examples to show that the candidate possesses the abilities, talents, and accomplishments necessary to succeed in the MPH programme.

    Step 4

    Put the candidate’s accomplishments in the context of their academic or professional setting, and compare them to those of their contemporaries.

    Step 5

    Give the Applicant constructive criticism about their shortcomings and offer advice on how they might strengthen those areas.

    Step 6

    Conclude by summarising the letter’s main arguments and expressing your support for the candidate’s MPH programme application.

    Who Are Eligible to Write a Recommendation Letter for MPH?

    Ah, the burning question! Who should you turn to for your letter of recommendation for your Master in Public Health program? Well, you’ll want to make sure that you ask the right people. Only some people can write an effective LOR that will impress admissions officers. But who are the right people, you might ask? Let’s dive in and find out.

    An LOR can be written by a very know person who has closely evaluated the candidate’s excellence and hard works such as Professors, Advisor, Mentors, Team Leader, Boss, Manager, Dean etc.

    Final Checklist

    The checklist required to maintain while preparing and completed the LOR for Master of Public Health are:

    Do's and Don't in Your LOR


    • Do highlight the applicant’s strengths, skills, and achievements.
    • Do use specific examples and anecdotes to support your statements.
    • Do make sure to use professional and appropriate language.
    • Do include your contact information and credentials for reference.
    • Do address the letter to the appropriate institution or individual.


    • Do not include any false information or exaggerate the applicant’s abilities.
    • Do not include any personal biases or irrelevant information.
    • Do not use informal language or slang.
    • Do not use a generic template for the letter.


    In conclusion, to get into a Master’s in Public Health programme, you must have letters of recommendation. A recommendation letter allows somebody who knows you well to speak positively about you, boosting your admissions prospects. Using our template as a starting point, you will have a letter of recommendation (LOR) that is well-organized, personalized, and highlights the applicant’s potential for success in the programme.