How to Write a Compelling Medical School Letter of Recommendation – With Writing Guide 2023

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    Attention all aspiring medical school students! Are you gearing up to apply to medical school and wondering how to secure a standout letter of recommendation? Look no further! Through our comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the must-know tips and tricks for crafting a compelling medical school letter of recommendation that will make you stand out in the application pool. With our advice and easy-to-follow writing guide, your recommenders will be able to confidently sing your praises and help boost your chances of acceptance into your dream program. 

    So Let’s dive in together – it’s time to get started on securing that coveted spot in med school 2023!

    What is a Medical School Letter of Recommendation? Why is it Important?

    A Medical School Recommendation Letter is a letter written by a professor or employer on behalf of a student who is applying to medical school. The letter should highlight the student’s strengths and explain why the individual believes the student would be successful in medical school

    Questions You Should Answer Before Writing a Medical School Recommendation Letter

    What type of professional relationship does the recommender have with the applicant?

    Describe the relationship between the recommender and applicant at the beginning of the letter itself

    How well does the recommender know the applicant?

    It is important that the recommender’s letter reflects their knowledge of the applicant, not just their opinions on them. It should be reflected through the recommender’s knowledge of the applicant’s academic history, extracurricular activities and passion for the medical field

    Have you observed firsthand how this person has dealt with difficult situations?

    It is important that the recommender’s letter offers an inside look into the applicant’s character and ability to handle difficult situations. Include any anecdotes about times when they displayed admirable strength of character or resilience in adverse circumstances

    What do Admission Officers look for in a LOR for Medical School?

    When it comes to writing a medical school LOR, there are a few things that admission officers look for. The first is evidence that the recommender knows the applicant well. This can be in the form of personal anecdotes or specific examples of the applicant’s strengths.

    The second thing that admissions officers look for is insight into the applicant’s character. This might include information about how the applicant deals with adversity or how they interact with others.

    Finally, admission officers want to see that the recommender is enthusiastic about the applicant and believes that they would be a good fit for medical school. A strong LOR will paint a picture of an ambitious and driven student who has what it takes to succeed in a demanding field like medicine

    How Long Your Medical School LOR Should Be?

    Word Limit

    200 - 400 words

    Font Size

    10 - 13 is recommended

    Font color


    Font Family

    Use standard fonts like Calibri, Ariel, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc.

    Medical School Letter of Recommendation Sample

    To whom it may concern,


    I am delighted to recommend the candidacy of Ms. Jeena Roy for the master’s program in Pathology at -XYZ- Medical School, _________ (place). During her five and half years of undergraduate study in MBBS at ABC University, ___________ (place), I had the privilege of serving her as the Professor of the Pathology Department. As I recall, she was very dedicated and enthusiastic in the class to learning and sharing her creative ideas that were out of the box and I can attest to her intelligence and capability as a medical student.


    Jeena’s academic excellence is evident through her solid performance in the Pathology major, which stands at the top of her class. She constantly displayed her superior knowledge in the subject, quickly catching up with advanced topics in XXX and making significant contributions to discussions. During medical student projects, she was a valuable team player whose enthusiasm always kept everyone motivated and on track even during stressful situations. She also gained clinical experience from attending an internship program at _______ Medical College, under my supervision over the summer semester of ______ where she demonstrated strong skills in following appropriate medical protocols for patient care and accurate record keeping which enabled her to meet demands efficiently under pressure with minimal errors or mistakes.

    Her remarkable achievements are evidenced by several awards such as _______ award in ______ and obtaining 1st rank nationally in ________ examination respectively. Due to her diligent work and dedication towards studies coupled with active participation in extracurricular activities related to student leadership roles and NGO volunteering activities where she was able to create an impact on many lives around campus positively. In my opinion, someone like Jeena will do well in any medical school environment since she possesses the characteristics essential for success that involve disciplined work merged with passion – something she undoubtedly exhibits on a daily basis!

    In conclusion, I am confident that Jeena will be an asset in the -XYZ- Medical School’s program as she possesses all the necessary qualities required of an ideal medical student. I highly recommend Ms. Jeena Joy’s candidacy for the master’s program in Pathology at -XYZ- Medical School based upon my experience teaching her during her undergrad years here at our university.


    Dr. Janet Jameson, MD

    Professor of Pathology

    Guidelines for Using Medical School LOR Samples

    Make sure you pay attention when you read a letter of recommendation for Medical School Sample. Here are some things to consider:

    Write Your Medical School LOR in 6 Steps

    Step 1: Choose your recommendations wisely

    Your letter of recommendation for medical school should come from people you know and trust.

    Step 2: Write about why this person is a good match for the Medical School

    Medical Schools are interested in people with wide-ranging backgrounds and perspectives in the field of medicine, your recommendation should highlight why the applicant would be a good fit for the Medical School.

    Step 3: Summarize this person's strengths and how they relate to the particular Medical School standards

    Include a few sentences describing how the applicant’s strengths match up with the requirements of the desired Medical School.

    Step 4: Explain how you became familiar with the applicant and their qualifications

    Be specific about when and where the recommender came into contact with the applicant, what kind of connection the recommender has with the applicant, and what motivated the recommender to recommend them for admission.

    Step 5: Conclusion

    Provide the applicant with the recommender’s approval for enrollment in the course after summarizing everything written in the letter.

    Step 6

    The letter of recommendation should be submitted with the rest of the Medical School application materials.

    Who Is Eligible to Write a Medical School LOR?

    Professors or people who are associated with the applicant in their academic career are mainly eligible to write a letter of recommendation for medical school.

    Final Checklist for Recommendation Letter for Medical School

    Here’s a final checklist to ensure your Medical School recommendation letter is as strong as possible:

    Do’s and Don’t in Your LOR for Medical School


    • Use positive language
    • Keep it concise
    • Proofread carefully


    • Write a generic letter
    • Speak negatively about other applicants
    • Rely on clichés or platitudes

    Tips for Writing a Medical School LOR

    Writing a strong Medical School recommendation letter can be a daunting task, keep these tips in mind:

    1.  Begin by carefully reading the admissions application requirements.

    2. Identify the qualities that make the applicant a perfect fit for their desired Medical School academic program.
    3. Determine what skills and abilities you want to highlight about the applicant in your letter of recommendation.

    4. Conclude the LOR by giving a positive approval for the applicant’s enrollment in the medical program.


    A strong letter of recommendation can go a long way in securing admission to your desired medical school. Though not an easy task, writing a stellar Medical School Recommendation Letter is definitely achievable with the help of this guide. With the right steps and the help of these tips, you can create an impressive one that will surely be noticed by the admission committee. Good luck and we wish you every success!