How To Write an Impressive Nursing Letter of Recommendation – With Writing Guide 2023

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    Attention all nursing professionals, aspiring nurses and healthcare enthusiasts! Are you ready to learn invaluable tips and tricks for writing an impressive nursing letter of recommendation? Whether you are an educator, mentor, or employer looking to provide a glowing endorsement or a student seeking guidance in crafting the perfect application package, this blog post is your ultimate guide. So put on your thinking caps and let’s explore effective techniques that will help catapult you towards success in 2023.


    Let’s Get Started!

    What is a Nursing Letter of Recommendation? Why is it Important

    A nursing letter of recommendation is a document that is written by an individual to recommend another individual who is applying for a nursing job or nursing program. The letter should highlight the qualities that make the applicant a good fit for the position or program.

    Questions You Should Answer Before Writing a Nursing Letter of Recommendation

    There are a few key questions that you should answer before writing a nursing letter of recommendation

    What is the relationship status between the recommender and the applicant?

    Explain the relationship you have with the applicant you’re writing the letter for in the Introduction section

    What qualities or accomplishments make the applicant stand out? Why do you believe that they would be successful in a nursing job or program?

    Explore the applicant’s qualifications, aptitude, personality traits, and how they would be successful in a nursing program or job

    Define any instances which portrays that the applicant is passionate about nursing?

    Provide detailed examples demonstrating the applicant’s passion for nursing in your statement.

    Any challenges the applicant overcame during their studies or medical environment?

    State the challenges the applicant has faced during their studies or medical environment and how they handled it to overcome the situation.

    Answering these questions will help you write a strong letter of recommendation that highlights the applicant’s strengths and sets them up for success in their future endeavors.

    What do Admission Officers Look for in Nursing LORs?

    Admission officers will look for letters that underline the applicant’s professional skills and potential as a medical professional, as well as their intelligence, creativity, and character. They want to see evidence of the applicant’s clinical skills, compassion, and ability to work under pressure. Applicants who can demonstrate these qualities through stories and examples are more likely to impress the admissions committee. 

    How Long Your Nursing LOR Should Be?

    Word Limit

    300 - 500 words

    Font Size

    10 - 13 is recommended

    Font color


    Font Family

    Use standard fonts like Calibri, Ariel, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc.

    Nursing Letter of Recommendation Sample

    To whom it may concern,


    I am delighted to recommend the candidacy of Mr. Sreehari Viswanath  for the nursing program at -XYZ- University, _____________ (place). During his four years of undergraduate study in Nursing at ABC University, ______________ (place), I had the privilege of serving him as the Professor of the ______________ Department. I have been able to know him quite well over time, and I am happy to hear that he has decided to continue his education. I can confidently vouch for his intelligence and capability as a nursing student.


    Throughout his undergraduate studies, Mr. Sreehari was an outstanding student with very impressive grades in all subjects of the undergraduate nursing program. He grasped concepts quite quickly and could apply them with ease. His enthusiasm for learning new things and acquiring knowledge also makes him well-suited to the rigors of a graduate nurse program. In addition to this, he has volunteered numerous times in medical internships at our college itself where I have seen firsthand his commitment and attention to detail when dealing with patients which are qualities inherent in successful healthcare professionals. 


    Sreehari consistently received high grades and excelled in the practical aspects of various experimental studies conducted during classes. In addition, his ability to coordinate with other students while managing group assignments was also commendable. Alongside these accomplishments were several extracurricular achievements such as active participation in volunteer work at XXX and being inducted into AAA-s Student Leadership Program as well. Mr. Sreehari’s dedication towards studies and voluntary activities made it easier for me to recognize him as one who can bring balance between obligations and situations even when seeming challenges are stacked up against him.


    Therefore, I believe Mr. Sreehari has all the qualities you are looking for in your nursing program – strength of character, commitment, ambition and dedication along with remarkable intellectual aptitude. I strongly recommend Mr. Sreehari from my own experience and observations for admission to your university’s graduate nursing program for further success on both professional and personal levels.



    Vidya Sharath

    Designation of the Recommender

    Guidelines for Using Nursing LOR Sample

    When you read a sample professional reference letter for nurses, make sure you pay attention

    to these things:

    Write your LOR for Nursing in 6 steps?

    Step 1: Start by identifying the applicants qualifications and personal interests before starting the LOR

    Try to study the applicant’s academic qualifications and interest in order to structure the LOR.

    Step 2: Introduction

    Define the professional relationship between the recommender and applicant. Explain for how long has the recommender known the applicant. State the recommender’s designation and area of competence

    Step 3: Second Paragraph

    Explain the applicant’s qualities and skills accordingly with evidence from the recommender’s point of designation.

    Step 4: Third Paragraph

    Give a strong example of the applicant through the project, internships or workshop that he/she has participated in explaining his/her abilities and traits

    Step 5: Conclusion

    Summarize all the points made in the letter so far by supporting the applicant and giving them the recommender’s approval for the applicant’s enrollment in the nursing program or job

    Step 6

    Submit the recommendation letter along with the rest of the applicant’s application materials

    Who are Eligible to Write Nursing Recommendation Letter?

    Professors, Employers and people who are associated with the applicant in academia or a healthcare environment are mainly eligible to write a Letter of Recommendation for nursing program or job

    Final Checklist for Nursing Reference Letter

    Here’s a final checklist to make sure your letter of recommendation is as strong as it can be:

    Do’s and Don’t in Your Nursing LOR


    • Be professional
    • Highlight clinical skills and experience
    • Use specific examples


    • Write anything negative
    • Be vague
    • Go over the limit

    Tips for Writing Nursing Recommendation Letter

    Here are some writing tips to keep in mind when writing a letter of recommendation for nursing program or job:

    1. Use specific examples to explain the applicant’s strengths
    2. Pinpoint the qualities that make the applicant a good fit for the nursing program or job they are applying to

    3. Focus on the applicant’s intellectual ability and potential rather than their grades or test scores

    4. Conclude the LOR by giving a positive approval for the applicant’s enrollment in the nursing program or job


    Writing a nursing letter of recommendation can be a challenge and it’s important to get it right. We hope that this guide has helped you learn the basics of what goes into one, as well as how to effectively write an impressive nursing letter of recommendation in 2023. With these tips, we’re confident that you will have success when writing a glowing endorsement for your colleagues or friends. Good luck!